Monday, May 4, 2015


Top: H & M
Jeans: Jag
Shoes: Jellybean
Hair color: Palette
Make up
Liquid Foundation:  Rimmel
Powder Foundation: Rimmel
Mascara: Max Factor
Lipstick: Revlon
Blush-on: Fashion 21

Thinking of what to wear in between summer & winter? And afraid to be caught shivering by the coldness at night after a long day enjoying the heat of the sun? Change weather isn’t it?
Well maybe this look can help you, coz this look HELPS me a lot. For myself enjoys walking around the city, or I just say I love seeing people instead of staying at home. Staying at home seems to me a violation! LOL! I mean I find myself not productive at all, the feeling of wasting 86,400 seconds in my life, to be short 1 day.

I usually have this kind of styles when summer is ready to say goodbye with my swim wears & getting ready to say hello to my hoodies& vice versa. Because knitted clothe gives you heat at the same time the little spaces gives you air. Cool, right? What I love about this style is that you can easily fold it or moved the sleeves towards your elbow or make one side off shoulder. I matched it with my favorite jag jeans (you can match with short& leggings too whatever you prefer). To be honest, my jag jeans is never a tattered one, it just happened unintentionally! LOLS! When the time I wore it then after kneeling on my bed, I heard it, tearing apart! Now that’s the result. Easy way to get your tattered jeans! Hahaha! Now I’ll share with you the reason why my jeans get tattered not in purposed just because of the hot water here in Qatar. It does make the fabric thinner & thinner! So please don’t use hot water when washing your jeans!

This look is better with army wedge boots! God I love navy blue! I get mine in Jellybean, one of my favorite shops.
For my hair color I usually buy Palette, a good quality instead of buying Garnier I suggest you buy this brand.  
To add up with my make up, I do love buying Rimmel products for any kind of foundations.  It really does lasts, so with Fashion 21 (my first Forever love). For I do only buy Mascara at Max Factor, great mascara I’ve ever used! For lipstick, don’t doubt to buy in Revlon. I suggest Fashion 21 too when it comes to lipstick & blush on. Yes I am a Fashion 21 user! Exactly!

Enjoy the look everyone!

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