Sunday, May 3, 2015

Patterns in Desert Summer

Hat: Straw Sun Hat
Dress: Patterns from Thailand
Shoes: Nude Mango Shoes
Necklace: Max Accessories
Bracelet: Gold Plated from Turkey
Watch: Elle
Earrings: Dangling from Hongkong
Summer is coming!
Wearing colorful dresses is what summer is all about. The sun loves it so with my eyes! This look is really good with open toed shoe so with flat foot wears. I honestly forgot what brand my hat is, but brand doesn't matter as long the quality is great with a good price, I bought it Ansar Gallery (Qatar). As per my previous blog "Fashion Defines You?" ( well for me it's a big NO! 
However this look is so feminine, classy and a cheerful way to welcome summer! Add some gold plated accessories if you want as a contrast with your colorful dress.
 Remove the price tag & enjoy the patterns in dessert summer!
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