Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Does Your Fashion Really Defines You?

These words are destructive, isn’t it? Loving fashion for years made me build arcs on my head pushes me to read more about fashion so with my own observation of course. Being involved in the real world, experiencing, & seeing with my own eyes made my arcs vanished. There is much more answers outside your room than just by reading. Yes, reading it helps a lot no doubt about it ‘coz your reading mine too. Now I will ask you does YOUR FASHION REALLY DEFINES YOU? Is it? Does it make you feel bad if someone tells you, you are a whore/bitch when you wear sexy clothes, cleavage are saying hi & hello, & so with your belly nor your legs & butt chin are enjoying the air? Or does it make you feel great if someone tells you, you look genius ‘coz you’re wearing this nerdy fancy glasses, simple shirt, jeans, & sneakers? Does it feel right? Is that really you?
Fashion and clothing are extensions of our personalities, yes it is. But it does not necessary mean that what you wear is what you are or should I say what you wear defines you who you are. Below are situations that I observed myself. Read it & tell me if I’m wrong.
·         Some rich people I knew just wear simple casual clothes like others just wear ‘em at home. Clothes that are not trendy at all, I mean yes, before it was. Let’s say there’s a little damage on it, color is fading, there’s a hole on it & threads are stripping off. But it doesn’t mean they are poor & can’t afford to buy expensive jewelries, shoes, & bags, or even wear branded clothes. These people are not just showy for what they have. Simply as that.
·         Some not-so-rich people wear fancy fabulous trendy clothes and couldn’t afford those luxurious branded items that costs 5 digits and above. But looking at them will WOW you ‘coz they look like elites. How fascinating they can be, amazing, and beautiful without spending a big amount of money just to look like a billionaire. It seems they are, but doesn’t mean they belong to.

How can you tell who is rich & who is not just by what they wear?
Other people are so mean for they see other people in a wrong way and give compliments the other way around. Such a judgmental & a pathetic idea! A wrong belief for many that has no proof. Below are situations that I observed myself. Read it & tell me if I’m wrong.
·         If someone wears sexy clothes like cleavage are saying hi & hello, & so with their belly nor their legs & butt chin are enjoying the air or the sun-kissed as well. Most people would think they are a low class individual, a whore, a bitch or whatever judgmental word they used to call them. Believed me you knew about it right? So people who wears their traditional clothes like bellies are not covered you call them what? Or think about the hip-hoppers, Hippies, Hipster so on & so forth they are not even like that. Hollywood artist like Lady Gaga, Rihanna etc. are they a bitch? They are people with dignity & even smarter what you think.
·         There you go a nerdy look! Fancy nerdy glasses, shirt, jeans, & sneakers, how genius that person can be that most of the people will say “that person is smart”! How do you know? Does his/her educational background written in his/her clothes? Maybe others, a true smart but not in general.

How can you tell who is smart & who is not just by what they wear?
See how fashion type/style (next on my blog) like hippie, fetish, so on & so forth affects one’s perception about things they don’t even understand. That in just one fashion style you choose to have will make a last great or bad impression.
Yes, Fashion is a means of self-expression but it is not always to show what status we have in life, as I mentioned above. Many of us can wear what we want to wear for todays that Fashion is everywhere, ready to hunt us.
That in Fashion it is not being rich or poor, smart or not, it is showing how confident you can be that Fashion don’t define what or who you are.
You define fashion 'coz you create it!

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